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Are you tracking the Gatsby Benchmarks?

by Jodie Lopez

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The Gatsby Benchmarks are very popular, having been specifically referenced in the DfE's Career Strategy Paper of 2017. Tracking the 8 benchmarks, with associated sub criteria, can prove tricky as often systems you use to track them with are separate entities to your assessment platform. This is just one of the reasons we wanted to develop a platform with the flexibility to track all life's achievements from birth to the workplace and beyond.

Kinteract wants students to see their learning journey build throughout their lives. It may start with photos of them playing in the sand and water at nursery, take them through to KS1 SATs results, then show their journey through junior school - including not just curriculum assessment but all those important life moments such as being on school council - and then through into secondary school.

Through secondary you can of course track what you would usually in every subject. And this may vary from one teacher to another, just it would from one subject to another, but for the student this will develop into a single learning journey. So it makes sense that careers preparation feeds into that. Every work experience opportunity, job fairs attended, companies they connected with, and more.

Teachers can add in information but with Kinteract the student and parents can also add information if the school allows them. Their log in means they can add comments to teacher posts and also add their own posts. So if they have a Saturday job they could add in information. If they do some work experience of their own in the holidays they can add in those details too. As well as responding to school posts about careers fair, enterprise weeks and any other activity which feeds into their career aspirations.

With Kinteract's unique hashtags you can add in any new hashtags you want to track as well. You can track the Benchmarks, you can also add hashtags for #WorkExperience, #CareersWeek or anything else you deem relevant. You can also allow students to filter for the careers information which interests them the most by adding hashtags such as #Engineering #MathsCareers #LocalJobs or anything you can think of! 

Teachers and careers advisors can also add guidance on writing a personal statement for university applications or CV writing tips and advice to the platform - either as a simple note, a document, a video or sound file, or even links to outside sources.

What will you be adding in? What would make a difference for students to see? What might students add themselves? Would they value the same as you or different elements? These are really interesting questions to think about and by allowing students to add in it can highlight what they feel they need to add which may differ from your assumptions. You may also see a difference between what the student adds to what the parent adds which can create a new dimension too. By teachers, parents, and students all working towards a common goal you can help to create the best package of support for the student as they look towards their future. 

With the hashtags you can also cut down workload. Truly! When you are adding in a subject-specific piece of evidence could this also be added to the careers hashtags for this student, or group of students? Likewise when adding in work experience you can easily add hashtags which will link that work experience or careers discussion to the curriculum in other areas across any number of subjects.

Important documents such as references and feedback from work experience placements can also be added in to the journey. Remember the old National Record of Achievement folders? (Mine have all my documents still in but the ink has rubbed off onto the plastic so I can never take the documents back out!) Imagine the power of having a digital version of that which can go anywhere with you. 

Watch the video below to find out more and see some examples of careers tracking within Kinteract. Click here to find out more about how Kinteract can help you to inspire your students' futures.

We want Kinteract to be THE place to go for every single one of life's achievements, and for students to see their own journey and evidence all they need towards their CV as they move towards university applications and/or the workplace at the end of school.