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It's drop deadline time! (Bah humbug!)

by Jodie Lopez

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It's that time of year - nearly the Christmas holidays. Woooohooooo right? Well not until everyone finishes for the holidays NO!

When every non-teacher thinks that teachers are rounding up the year with some easy tasks (winding down?!), like making paper baubles and watching Elf on DVD, the reality is far from this perception. Hopefully by now all nativities are done and dusted but some schools may have moved this to the very last week. With Christingle services, carol concerts, and the children's and staff's Christmas dinners. Maybe you did Christmas jumper day? All sounds great if you didn't have to wrangle 32 excited children from one activity to the next and head count constantly or keep them learning despite the sugar highs.

Maybe your school doesn't even do all the trappings of Christmas. But you will find it hard to avoid the hype completely. If nothing else this term has been loooooong!

So what do you really not need now on top of all that? A data drop deadline of course! Yet still it happens. 

So this is a really short blog today to tell you simply this...if your data drop this month includes any of the following:

  1. Trying to tick off a whole list of umpteen learning objectives per subject, per child, in intimate detail
  2. Readjusting some of those ticks and RAG ratings in order to adjust the outcome that the system came up with
  3. Trying to figure out what the graph outputs of all that data means, and go back and readjust if the graph looks wrong
  4. Trying to explain to parents what the results of the term mean
  5. Wondering how on earth the system is coming up with these percentages and "levels" based on what you put in cos poor little Johnny really is NOT a 5 Secure no matter what the systems says....

...then please make it your new year's resolution to have a demo from Kinteract. There is another way. I promise. Don't struggle again next year. Look for the change you want to see in the world because we think we have made it!

We look forward to hearing from you in January. You can even call us beforehand if you want to avoid this month's stress again. Have a great break whether you are celebrating Christmas or not. If you are then we hope Santa brings everything your heart desires. Enjoy time with family or friends or just a pack of mince pies, whatever takes your fancy. See you in 2020!

From everyone on the Kinteract team.