Our 3-step approach to support schools with remote learning

by Louise Young
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If your school has been impacted by the Coronavirus and you’re looking to improve on or implement digital capability to support remote learning, then we’re here to help.

We support schools and their students in any location, on any curriculum, with their individual learning needs and at any stage in their school career.

Right now, as schools face the prospect and the reality of a lengthy shut-down to help control the spread of COVID-19, it’s their digital tools that can best facilitate continuity of learning, which is where we come in.

We’re a sustainable partner for schools not just a quick-fix during the Coronavirus school shut-down; not only can we help you on a short-term basis if that’s what you need the most, but we can also help upskill your teachers in the benefits of digital remote learning to ensure you’re set up for any future needs.

Importantly, we practise what we preach - the whole Kinteract team have always worked remotely, meaning it’s business as usual for us in supporting schools at the present time.

How does it work?

We have a simple 3-step process:

  1. Create a post: this can be class work, homework, a discussion or group work
  2. Link this to a student, a group of students, a whole class, a subject and attach the content in your chosen multi-media format (a photo, video, audio, document or hyperlink) and link to your curriculum
  3. Publish - it’s live within seconds

All you need is a little creativity - and you can also quickly and easily create summative and iterative assessments, gain insight from data dashboards and monitor feeds to provide fast feedback and facilitate speedy marking - the possibilities are endless and what’s more, the teacher remains at the centre of learning.

How can this support schools?

If your school has closed already, or is likely to in the coming days, then we can provide the digital platform you need to keep learning on track.

It's easy to use - here's a student view, showing the task they were set, their 'marked as done' and then 'completed' status:

Specifically we focus on:


Kinteract’s home-school communication capability means you can communicate homework, next steps, or parent messages securely both to students and parents, keeping everyone involved in a student’s learning both motivated and, importantly, up-to-date. An essential in times of school closure or unexpected changes.

Class collaboration

Multi-media inputs (so that's video, audio, photos) ensure students can still engage with teacher-led classroom learning through Kinteract in an engaging and motivating way, even if they (or you!) are working from home.

Next Steps

Our Next Steps functionality makes assigning and collecting homework in any format really easy; what’s more, as Kinteract is accessible on any device, you can work your way through submitted work quickly and easily, whatever location you (or they) are in.

Technical requirements

Kinteract is as easy to use as the social media platforms we’re all familiar with so all you and your students will need are a laptop (or desktop/tablet), an internet connection and a desire to learn.


To take advantage of this offer, call us on 0207 078 3277 or email sales@kinteract.com.

We’re offering free access to new Kinteract customers between now and the end of the current school year for schools that have been impacted by COVID-19. We can have you set up within 24 hours.