Shifting from hand to mind sanitisation

by Louise Young
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The most important thing to start with is that it's incumbent upon all of us to do our utmost to protect one another. This should always be the case but it’s pronounced in the situation we find ourselves in. To those who are affected by COVID-19 and to those who later will become so, you are in our thoughts and prayers. For all of us to follow expert medical advice and governmental guidance in this pandemic and to put your health and well-being first. Please refrain from taking risks and think about the vulnerable in our society and act where possible with compassion for them.

We are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our customers and employees.

Our customers can rest assured that our services will continue to be available and serving your needs. We are fortunate at Kinteract to have operated from our inception in 2015 as a remote organisation with a geographically distributed and talented team with processes and technology well embedded.

To our users - teachers, leaders, parents and students we are with you as some of you have already experienced your school closing down and the rest of you waiting for the inevitable announcement.
The first lessons here are instilling care, compassion and virtues of being good citizens to enable us to get through this together. The second is around the delivery of robust remote learning for your students to enable them to continue to learn and progress in this turbulent period.

There may be many better written pieces on this topic (some of which I reference below) but we wanted to take a step back and rather than be the next Ed-Tech provider with a free offering, our aim is to put forward an enhanced offer during this transitional phase that goes beyond just an economic offer and can transcend the period we are in.

Our mission at Kinteract is to enable tomorrow’s learners to achieve by creating, unifying and personalising their learning journey regardless of their academic path, challenges or professional aspirations. This is manifested through a portable learning record from early years to employment, which is agnostic to where a student is, how they are being taught, what they are learning and who they are with.

In concrete terms we help you so that you can:

  • Create a post of type (class work, homework, discussion, group work etc) link to (student(s), class(es), subject, school) and attach content (picture, video, audio, documents, hyperlinks, product links) and link with curriculum (international, local, bespoke) and publish within a few seconds
  • Post videos of lessons or links to students (and students can post videos too)
  • Engage in real-time communication with students, teachers and parents via commenting and messaging
  • Facilitate collaboration between teachers and students via tagging inter- and intra-school
  • Easily monitor progress via a student’s feed/timeline and provide fast feedback
  • Quickly create summative and iterative assessments
  • Draw insights from your data dashboards
  • Implement recommended and personalised next steps

All of the above is done via a single page, one button and 3 actions and is as easy to use as the social media channels we are all familiar with.

The above might not seem “Cor Blimey” or as dazzling as the latest pair of Balenciagas but will enable you to deliver the core of your day-to-day activities very well, reduce teacher workload and inspire your school community to bring learning to life remotely and digitally.

As a side note, we are offering free access to Kinteract to schools affected by COVID-19 for the rest of the academic year. Please contact us to get set up or for any general assistance.

Please look after yourselves and look out for each other.


Shehzad Najib
CEO @ Kinteract