Designed to support professional clubs and sports associations with remote and hybrid delivery models.

Kinteract for Sports

As a digital delivery platform, Kinteract supports and enables organisations to rapidly evolve their bespoke curricula and teaching practices to showcase evidence-based learning, that is powered by Kinteract technology. KinSport seeks to work in tandem with organisations – providing dedicated support to professional clubs and sports associations in football, rugby, gymnastics, martial arts and more.

Our platform is designed to be workflow-agnostic, intuitive and responsive to hybrid or remote delivery models, which means that players and athletes can continue to engage in their favourite or aspirational sports and hobbies – while Kinteract acts to spotlight their individual progress across academic or social development, achievements and key milestones through individual analysis and evidence.

Through real-time digital portfolio building (from early years to adulthood) and notifications – coaches are able to communicate and share valuable player or team updates with your extended community. For younger players, you can invite all parents and carers to become authentic partners in the developmental journey: from school to extracurricular activities or weekend training.

Providing a secure, flexible repository to upload and tag the relevant bespoke or third-party content, associations and clubs have the reachability and flexibility to continue to engage and develop players, regardless of their location. Coaches have the means to upload resources, printable content, YouTube links, activities or worksheets for players, while Kinteract algorithms will suggest the most relevant content to be added based on the season or club curriculum.

KinSport Features

Virtual training and live lesson delivery

Facilitate live lessons – irrespective of coach/student location – or pre-record lessons and post/re-post them to the class or group feed.

Reporting and evidencing learning

Take real-time reporting to a new level and gain a greater understanding of student progress over time through individual analysis and evidence – all linked to personalised learning goals.

Connected curriculum

Embed your curriculum or progression framework and link to your posts and assessment to create a virtuous cycle of plan, assign and assess. Moreover, embedded content (proprietary or third party) into curated and scheduled student playlists.

Multimedia uploads and extra-curricular resources

Coaches, teachers and students are able to upload and share files, videos, photos and links with ease.

Share milestones and highlights

Development progress is stored in a secure digital environment and easily shared with parents, carers or schools to showcase student achievements.

Real-time communication

Communicate directly (from the touchline!) and securely in real-time – share activities, homework, reports and feedback with students, carers and families.

"We started using Kinteract four months ago and in that time, we have used it primarily with our overseas players who are based in Finland - we set them work during the recent travel restrictions, as we were unable to train with them in person.

Kinteract has proved to be really useful for us, in terms of two-way communication - giving players feedback, both via text, in report-form or through voice messages and video chats. The feedback process is really simple within the app".

Kristian Heames
Director & Head Coach
Football Development Schools

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