Designed to allow organisations to power their pedagogical innovations and to digitally deliver their offerings by leveraging Kinteract technology.

KinTainer allows you to focus on your expertise in curricula, framework, programme or course – and for us to provide the platform and service to onboard, engage and empower your users.

Kinteract Adopters

Adopter: New Nordic Schools (NNS) are transforming current systems of education – their Pre-K through Grade 12 educational system empowers all students to explore their natural creativity, discover true passions and shape their own futures.

NNS requirements: A technology platform to digitally deliver their newly created Nordic inspired curriculum to global adopter schools and learners - with a particular interest in an adaptive planning engine to aid teachers and support personalised student pathways.

“One of the biggest challenges of teachers today is planning personalized lessons for students. We are very excited about this partnership with Kinteract, as the partnership will enable our teachers around the world to more effectively deliver personalized learning to students. It is a part of our journey in developing our Smart Learning Platform that will evolve into our hybrid school model. Above all, this is an important step forward in our journey to transform current systems of education”.

Stephen Cox
Chief Education Officer
New Nordic Schools

As a digital delivery platform, KinTainer supports and enables organisations to rapidly evolve their bespoke programme, curricula, course, content and pedagogical practices to showcase evidence-based learning, that is powered by Kinteract technology.

KinTainer seeks to work in tandem with organisations to provide dedicated support to those educating learners in mainstream education, specialist provision, micro-schooling, sports, the arts and culture – and beyond.

To mention a few, we have already onboarded Kinteract adopters in newly-created whole school curricula, classical music education for inner city schools, tutoring networks and a sports academy, linked to a Championship Football Club.

Adopter: Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MiSST) works with young people of all backgrounds and abilities, helping to remove the barriers between them and classical music. MiSST supports 16 schools in the UK – providing funding and tuition for a unique KS3 Curriculum (The Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme) – with opportunities to perform and be a part of a programme of excellence that is unrivaled in the UK.

MiSST requirements: A reliable, flexible and forward-thinking educational platform that could grow with the trust over time.

“Kinteract have been very supportive and their customer care has been amazing. They are always there to answer any questions and innovate! It has been important for us to have a platform that can adjust with us - and cater to the specific needs that we have - in order to give tens of thousands of children access to our materials and lessons”.

Rachel Landon
Chief Education Officer
Music in Secondary Schools Trust

Our platform is designed to automate workflows whilst being agnostic to them, intuitive and responsive to in-class, hybrid, remote or simultaneous delivery models. Through real-time digital student portfolio building (from early years to adulthood), KinTainer acts to spotlight individual progress across academic or social development, achievements and key milestones through individual analysis and evidence linked to your offering.

Providing a secure, flexible repository to upload and tag the relevant proprietary or third-party content, organisations have the reachability and flexibility to continue to engage and develop learners, regardless of their location. Teachers, tutors and curators have the means to upload resources, tag to curricula, use printable content, web links, activities and worksheets for learners – and KinTainer algorithms will suggest the most relevant content to be added based on development and progression.

Organisations are able to engage and connect their learner community and stakeholders through class discussions and real-time notifications, as teachers have the power to communicate and share valuable learner or class updates with the extended community. For younger learners, organisations can invite all parents and carers to become authentic partners in the developmental journey: from school to extracurricular activities or weekend enrolments.

KinTainer Features

Virtual and digital class delivery

Facilitate in class, remote, hybrid or simultaneous live lesson delivery – irrespective of teacher or student location – or pre-record lessons and post/re-post them to the student, class or group feed.

Adaptive planning engine

Link to your own curriculum, course or content to digitally distribute adaptive content for teacher workflow automation and student learning.

Reporting and evidencing progression

Take real-time reporting to a new level and gain a greater understanding of student progress over time through individual analysis and evidence – all linked to personalised learning goals.

Connected curriculum

Embed your curriculum or progression framework and link to your posts and assessment to create a virtuous cycle of plan, assign and assess. Moreover, embedded content (proprietary or third party) into curated and scheduled student playlists.

Data dashboards

Review and action student progress and teacher performance with consolidated dashboards that allow you to search and sort class data by learner level, year, department or subject for singular or multi-site communities.

Real-time communication

Communicate directly and securely in real-time – share activities, homework, reports and instant feedback with students, carers and families.

Multimedia uploads and extra-curricular resources

Teachers and students are able to upload and share files, videos, photos and links with ease.

Share milestones and highlights

Development progress is stored in a secure digital environment and easily shared with parents, carers or schools to showcase student achievements.

Real-time communication

Instantly translate posts or comments for multilingual students, carers and families.

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