Governments, Ministries and
Regional Authorities

Leveraging data to transform economies and level up societies

Imagine having comprehensive, real-time data across the entire education and skills landscape, and combining this with data from the welfare sector and labour market to provide a complete picture of the ‘now’ and with advanced data analytics to help shape a better future for all.

Key Benefits

Cost optimisation

Maximise efficiencies in all areas of education spending, whilst improving learner outcomes. Granular, real-time data from the education, skills, welfare and labour sectors can transform decision-making, driving up standards in teaching learning.

Process optimisation

The comprehensive data and supporting evidence collected in Kinteract drives process improvement at local authority and district level, resulting in better service to all stakeholders.

Lifelong Achievement Portfolio

Kinteract provides a portable portfolio of achievement for life that can be scaled and adopted nationwide, creating an unprecedented skills database. This data can be leveraged to inform policy making across all departments to drive economic growth.

Levelling up Society

By supporting every unique learning journey through a hyper-personalised approach, Kinteract empowers every citizen to develop their talents and find their purpose and economic independence, making a lifelong, positive contribution to the economy and to a safer, fairer and more successful society.

Collaboration for excellence

Kinteract enables educators and administrators to collaborate and share resources and effective practice across all areas of learning and geographies as required, enabling excellence to be cultivated as the norm from the ground up.

Raise standards

Kinteract’s unique workflow and focus on personalised, holistic learning, combine to support effective pedagogy in face to face, online and blended modalities. The outcome is simply better results for every learner.

Supporting Special Educational Needs

Providing a unique learning pathway for every student, Kinteract accelerates progress and raises achievement for each SEN learner, based on the individual EHCP. This unparalleled level of support is transforming the life chances of children with SEN.

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