International Schools

Shaped to suit any curricula, learner level, language or timezone

Mapped to any curricula, making it the ideal solution for international schools, including those following a blended-curriculum – the Kinteract platform can be flipped to classroom, remote or blended learning to meet your school’s requirements, wherever you are in the world.

Students have the autonomy to navigate their own learning which as a result, increases the level of student engagement in class and develops student confidence and interpersonal skills through online and blended discussions.

Benefits for International Schools

Assessments made easy

No tick-box exercises - track only what’s important for each student to provide a holistic assessment approach.

Automate teacher workflows

Track and assess ‘past’ tasks or assignments completed by students - with a few clicks. Save time on reports and automate your workflows.

Create content libraries

Manage your school’s content or third-party content by linking it to “Next Steps”, homework or subject/curriculum hashtags.

Social hashtag tracker

Hashtags support teachers to organise and track key curriculum objectives. Log behaviour, school trips or whole school events.

Student and parental engagement

Share reports or feedback with students and families in real-time – with optional push notifications.

Supports blended curriculums

From Common Core, British National Curriculum and International Baccalaureate, Kinteract supports a plethora of curriculums, including schools teaching dual-curriculums.

Live lesson delivery and resharing

Support learning regardless of location – facilitate live lessons in a safe platform and repost the lesson to the class feed, to ensure that no student is left behind if absent.


Insightful dashboards allow teachers to actively monitor student performance and social gaps. Identify early intervention to personalise every student’s learning journey.

Evidence learning

Track student learning patterns using machine-learning algorithms to create holistic summaries of learner proficiency, progress and passion.

Supports ESL/EAL

Students and families have the option to translate posts or comments into their preferred language – so that all parties stay connected throughout the learning journey.

Actionable recommendations

Advanced analytics will generate clear, actionable recommendations to remediate and accelerate student attainment.

Observation tracking

Observations can be used as evidence for assessment, or for tracking a young child's personal and social development.

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