Make smarter, faster decisions for your schools and academies

Designed to support delivery models from classroom learning, remote or blended learning, we support Multi-Academy Trust leaders to easily track and compare the performance of students across classes, schools or your entire trust so that you can make smarter and faster decisions.

Forecast progression, evidence progress and provide support where it’s needed most with a platform that’s highly adaptable to your organisational structure, teacher workflows or reporting needs.

Kinteract is shaped to work well across a number of different schools and academies – enabling teachers to practice new and inventive ways of teaching to ensure that every student receives the highest quality education – no matter the environment.

Benefits for Multi-Academy Trusts

Assessments made easy

Track and assess previously completed tasks or assignments by students. Create digital report cards with ease in a few clicks.

Trust-wide visibility

Increase academic success trust-wide with actionable insights. Identify and hone in on school, class and individual performance and progression.

One platform = one price

Shaped to work well across a number of different schools, Kinteract encourages academies to opt for one consolidated solution and as a result, provide a return of investment across the trust.

Live lesson delivery and sharing capabilities

Facilitate seamless live lessons within the Kinteract environment – all tracked against the school curriculum to save teachers time and increased productivity.

Evidence learning

Track student learning patterns using machine-learning algorithms to create holistic summaries of learner proficiency, progress and passion.

Increases student engagement

Increase student engagement and elevate conversations between class peers, through online class discussions or projects.

Supports interpersonal development

Students are able to build confidence and independence in an interactive, student-led environment.

Smooth and secure integration

We upload data from schools’ MIS to the Kinteract platform seamlessly and securely. We’ll set you up with minimal administrative work required.

Language translation

Students and families have the preference to translate posts or feed comments into their first language – so that all parties stay connected throughout the learning journey.

Create content libraries

Manage your school’s content or third-party content by linking it to “Next Steps”, homework or subject/curriculum hashtags.

Next steps

Assign classroom activities or tasks, set homework or schedule live lessons ahead of time – days, weeks or terms in advance!

Intelligent recommendations

Advanced analytics will generate clear, actionable recommendations to remediate and accelerate student attainment.

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