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We help Early Years teachers to quickly and easily track and share a child’s learning highlights through our portable learning record so that teachers can focus their efforts where they are needed most.

What’s more, Kinteract also offers instant home-school communication so that parents can easily engage with their child’s progress and school community right from the very start.

Benefits for Nurseries

Observation tracking

Observations can be used as evidence for assessment or for tracking a young child's personal and social development. Track feed times, toilet visits and regularity, sickness or any other milestones and incidents.

Parental engagement

Share highlights to parents and carers in real-time; highlighting their child's progression at home and in the classroom through comments, reports, photos and videos.

Early Years Curriculum

Kinteract supports EYFS as well as bespoke curriculum objectives that nurseries wish to put in place.

Supports ESL/EAL

Students and families have the preference to translate posts or feed comments into their first language – so that all parties stay connected throughout the learning journey.

Easy transition to new nurseries or schools

Teachers are able to share a progress report for parents to pass on to a new nursery or school.

Intelligent recommendations

Advanced analytics will generate clear, actionable recommendations to remediate and accelerate student attainment.


Insightful dashboards allow for nursery and early years teachers to monitor social gaps through report and assessment features.

Evidence learning

Track student learning patterns using machine-learning algorithms to create holistic summaries of learner proficiency, progress and passion.

Create content libraries

Manage your school’s content or third-party content by linking it to “Next Steps”, homework or subject/curriculum hashtags.
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