Secondary Schools

A collaborative learning environment for students to learn and evolve.

We are dedicated to exploring new pioneering pathways that actively integrate education technology in line with school teaching strategies, to enhance student learning, engagement and curriculum progress.

Integrating Kinteract into the classroom has multiple advantages for Secondary Schools and plays a key role in preparing students for the future of education – as they develop intellectual and academic skills inside and outside of the classroom.

Connect with students of all learning styles and have the resources to forecast and personalise each student’s individual learning journey, share vital information with parents and carers in a secure, eco-friendly environment and demonstrate evidence curriculum progress with confidence and ease against Ofsted standards and requirements.

Benefits for Secondary Schools

Assessments made easy

Track and assess previously completed tasks or assignments by students. Create digital report cards with ease in a few clicks.


Insightful dashboards for multi-site reporting can monitor, compare and evaluate academic achievement, learning trends or gaps. Schools can customise reports against class groups, levels, ages or teachers.

Increase student engagement

Teachers are able to increase student engagement and elevate conversations between class peers, through online class discussions or projects.

Live lesson delivery and sharing capabilities

Facilitate seamless live lessons within the Kinteract environment – all tracked against the school curriculum to save teachers time and increased productivity.

Evidence learning

Track student learning patterns using machine-learning algorithms to create holistic summaries of learner proficiency, progress and passion.

Social hashtag tracker

Tag students or objectives and link progress to the curriculum using dedicated hashtags.

Supports interpersonal development

Students are able to build confidence and independence in an interactive, student-led environment.

Smooth and secure integration

We upload data from schools’ MIS to the Kinteract platform seamlessly and securely. We’ll set you up with minimal administrative work required.

Language translation

Students and families have the preference to translate posts or feed comments into their first language – so that all parties stay connected throughout the learning journey.

Create content libraries

Manage your school’s content or third-party content by linking it to “Next Steps”, homework or subject/curriculum hashtags.

Next steps

Assign classroom activities or tasks, set homework or schedule live lessons ahead of time – days, weeks or terms in advance!

Intelligent recommendations

Advanced analytics will generate clear, actionable recommendations to remediate and accelerate student attainment.

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