"Kinteract is a way of tracking children’s learning in a way that fits around them.

Kinteract is child-led and provides a window into children's interests and developmental needs.

By recording special learning moments using Kinteract, we are able to understand more about the student, plan for next steps in a personalised way, share learning amongst the team of educators and involve families in their child's learning journey.

Alongside the observation feed, the assessment function ensures we are able to keep a detailed record of where a child is at developmentally, at any given moment in time."

Emma Pickering
Early Years Leader, British International School of Budapest

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"Kinteract have been amazing! We continue to fully implement the system in school, it has been a key tool for school development and improvement"

"I think your personalised approach to support and empathise with our families and their children's needs separates Kinteract from other providers. The service has been quick and insightful; the collaborative approach means the product fits our school rather than us having to fit around the product.

When Kinteract first contacted me, I initially thought that I was ok - had some tools in place, and didn’t need to implement something else within the school, especially with the pressures on teachers due to Covid-19. However, I stopped myself and thought to not just concentrate on everything surrounding Covid-19, but realised this could actually be a missed opportunity if I don’t go for it and I’m so glad we did as it is helping us now and in the long term."

Rosalind Hopkins
Head Teacher, Birch Wood School

"Using Kinteract as our assessment system has allowed us to measure the implementation and impact of the St Joseph’s curriculum"

The Kinteract app allows our Nursery and Primary school staff to immediately record observations of individual pupils and classes across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, National Curriculum and Catholic Education Services Age Related Standards in Religious Education.

Parents are able to respond to these observations, giving them a greater link to their child’s education. Recorded observations support staff when making summative assessments – and the reporting system allows Senior Management to monitor attainment and progress from Nursery to Year 6, by year group or groups of pupils – identifying positive results and any areas that require improvement."

Alison Murray
Deputy Head, St Joseph's Catholic School

"We have only ‘scraped the top of the barrel' with Kinteract and can’t wait to start using more of the innovative features.

The communication with Kinteract has been brilliant; we have a single point of contact with the customer success manager who has made the implementation, training, and ongoing support seamless and efficient.

Kinteract makes teaching easier. As a trust covering 17 schools Kinteract allows all schools to collaborate in one system accessing learning resources and this has really benefited us by bringing us together in one learning environment.

Overall, I would give Kinteract a 10/10 for providing us with an easy-to-use product with everything in one place, removing the need for multiple platforms and for their flexibility in being able to meet our needs in a product as a collaborative music specialist trust."

Stephanie Bissell
Director of Music, Music in Secondary Schools Trust

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"Kinteract is a catalyst for an exciting and unique model of collaborative, student-driven learning in the digital age"

"Kinteract is the epitome of transformational, high-impact learning technology and I believe it is the most exciting edtech product on the market today.

Combining a secure social media experience with AI, real time portfolio building, active parent engagement, data analytics and truly personalised learning in the hands of students, Kinteract is a rare game changer in the field."

Phil Redhead
Consultant - Education, Technology, Transformation
Deloitte Middle East

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