Transform your tutoring

Designed to support and complement students’ regular school activity in a virtual classroom or virtual school environment, Kinteract is partnering with private tutors and tutoring businesses of all sizes to combine the benefits of an interactive learning experience, with the appeal of a one-to-one teaching session.

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Create and personalise your virtual classroom


Plan and schedule your tutoring lessons

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Virtual Tutoring

Work the way you want to

We give tutors the freedom to facilitate live lessons and schedule assignments - either with several students as part of a tutoring group or with a single student, allowing more flexibility on tutor timetabling. 

Multiple assessment styles

Take real-time reporting to a new level and gain a greater understanding of student progress over time through individual analysis and evidence; all linked to personalised learning goals. 

Access from your pocket

Stay in control “on the go” and switch between desktop or mobile with the Kinteract app.

Transform your tutoring

Designed to suit any language, curriculum, age or location, tutors are able to freely adjust the course to suit the learning needs and styles of each student with just a few clicks. 

Share milestones and highlights

Learning progress is stored in a secure digital environment and when required, easily share with parents, carers or schools in real-time.

Manage content at the click of a button

Manage your materials or third-party content in a smart actionable way – and upload them in just a few clicks.

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