Evidence-based learning, anytime, anywhere

Kinteract empowers teachers to transparently share student achievement and save time on classroom workflows without needlessly jumping from platform to platform.

Evidence-based assessments

Powerful reporting

Create and manage your own content library

Monitor and track progression

Key Features

In the classroom, time is precious and every day counts.
That's why Kinteract accelerated daily tasks required to help students make progress, making more room for teaching and learning.

We do the messy tech work behind the scenes to help the classroom run smoother:
Teachers can create and launch standards-aligned lessons in seconds (really!). Students and teachers can seamlessly capture learning faster. Parents get real-time updates about what their kids know and can do.

The more you use Kinteract, the faster it gets.

See what we mean

Capture, share and accelerate student learning

Capture: Kinteract empowers teachers to capture and measure student's individual progress through robust digital portfolios.

Share: Parents stay connected to their children's learning by viewing and interacting with real-time updates. Kinteract provides date-driven insights on recommended actions to maintain, remediate or accelerate student learning.

Accelerate: Kinteract supercharges teachers' instruction with lightning-fast workflows for common tasks like setting goals, creating assessments, tagging standards and providing feedback.

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Curriculum adaptability

We support multiple curricula including those following a blended-curriculum approach. We support the English National Curriculum, US Common Core and UAE Ministry of Education Curricula to name a few – and provide the flexibility for schools to link to bespoke curricula.

With Kinteract’s unique technology and algorithms, teachers can link to the curricula and be prompted with relevant content and assessment suggestions.

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We’ve integrated your favourite teaching and learning apps.

From Microsoft Teams to Zoom – we have integrated with several teaching and learning apps to keep teachers, students and parents organised, engaged and connected. We integrate with several Management Information Systems too, including iSAMS, Progresso, Engage, schoolpod & SIMS. We handle all integration and implementation so that there’s minimal administrative work on your side.

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