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With our intuitive platform, we support educators and students - regardless of location, curriculum or age - with innovative teaching and learning tools to provide evidence-based learning anytime, any place, anywhere.

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Fusing real-time student portfolio building, AI-machine learning, task automation, advanced reporting and efficiency tools to provide schools with a one-stop-shop platform that transforms the teaching and learning lifecycle.

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Learning for life

Designed for students aged 3-18, our digital learning platform tracks personal development and academic achievements at any stage of the education journey.

Kinteract’s platform supports students from Kindergarten to Graduation measuring individual progress and recommending key actions to maintain, remediate or accelerate a student’s learning.

Teachers are able to set goals, create assessments, tag classes and link progress to the curriculum to create personalised feedback and bring every student’s learning journey to life. Digital portfolios allow schools, teachers and parents to review, acknowledge and manage the evolution of a child’s learning journey.

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Curriculum adaptability

We support multiple curricula including those following a blended-curriculum approach. We support the English National Curriculum, US Common Core and UAE Ministry of Education Curricula to name a few – and provide the flexibility for schools to link to bespoke curricula.

With Kinteract’s unique technology and algorithms, teachers can link to the curricula and be prompted with relevant content and assessment suggestions.

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We’ve integrated your favourite teaching and learning apps.

From Microsoft Teams to Zoom – we have integrated with several teaching and learning apps to keep teachers, students and parents organised, engaged and connected. We integrate with several Management Information Systems too, including iSAMS, Progresso, Engage, schoolpod & SIMS. We handle all integration and implementation so that there’s minimal administrative work on your side.

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