Kinteract - because every learner is different.

Kinteract’s Learning Journey Solution (LJS) supports and drives the unique journey of every student, transforming the way future-focused schools evidence, track and celebrate student learning.

Capture. Assess. Achieve.

Creating Individualised Learning Journeys

Create individualised Learning Journeys that are as unique as the learners they're made for. Tracking student progress through the use of observations, Next Steps, Assessments and Targets; giving the School, Carer and Learner, a holistic view of their educational journey and achievements.

Create Next Steps
Tailored for each individual, so that the learner, carer and staff, all know what to work on next.

Generate Assessments
Create formative and summative assessments for learners, charting their skill development.

Set Targets
For learners, with clear next steps that are communicated instantly and easily and can be tracked across classes and schools within a group or MAT.

Make Observations
About an individual learner or cohort, aligning with any curriculum and the ability to add multi-media to evidence learning alongside comments.

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