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The next generation learning platform that provides personalised pathways for learners of all ages, accelerating progress and raising holistic achievement.

Using advanced data analytics to drive smart recommendations every learner can now achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams.
"Kinteract is child-led and provides a window into children’s interests and developmental needs"
Emma Pickering
Early Years Leader
British International School of Budapest
"Using Kinteract as our assessment system has allowed us to measure the implementation and impact of the St Joseph’s curriculum"
Alison Murray
Deputy Head
St Joseph's Catholic Primary
"Well done Kinteract for really filling a gap in the SEND market"
Louise Gleeson
Assistant Headteacher
Wellington Primary School
"Kinteract have been amazing! We continue to fully implement the system in school"
Rosalind Hopkins
Birch Wood School
"We would recommend this platform to any organisation working with any young sports people"
Matthew Spriegel
Performance Manager
Surrey Cricket Club
"I would give Kinteract a 10/10 for providing us with an easy-to-use product with everything in one place"
Stephanie Bissell
Director of Music
Music in Secondary Schools Trust
"We chose Kinteract because of the flexibility to customise the platform to the needs of our tutors and tuition clients, and also for the ongoing customer support"
Chin Hui Tan
Recruitment Director
Tutor Doctor
Who we help

Special Educational Needs

A personalised pathway for every child

Built on the belief that ‘the curriculum is the child’, Kinteract ensures that every child can reach their potential, regardless of the challenges they face. Kinteract is transforming SEN provision by providing every child with their own personalised pathway, based on their own educational, health and social development plan.

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Innovative Educational Models

Not all learning happens in school! Learn anything and maximise impact with Kinteract

Kinteract’s flexibility allows us to serve a wide range of innovative learning providers from cricket and football academies to musical tuition. Whatever learning your organisation provides, Kinteract can support you to streamline your operations, accelerate learning and improve outcomes.

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Governments, Ministries and
Regional Authorities

Comprehensive data informing high impact policy

Kinteract provides bespoke metrics at scale, transforming the ability of policy-makers at all levels to make informed decisions. From granular education performance data to the potential of building a national skills database, our solution is uniquely placed to meet the economic and social challenges facing governments around the world.

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Creating strong foundations

From streamlining baseline assessments to authentic parent engagement, Kinteract is redefining nursery provision, building the foundations necessary for every child to thrive.

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Primary Schools

Better learning for every child

By collecting meaningful data at the point of learning, teachers gain greater insights into each learner’s preferences and progress, while children are empowered to take control of their learning journey.

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Secondary Schools

Better learning for life

Across the curriculum and beyond, Kinteract transforms teaching, learning and assessment, providing advanced data analytics, dashboards, and a live, personalised portfolio, ensuring that every child achieves their potential.

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International Schools

Finally, a learning platform that meets your needs...

Kinteract’s highly adaptable technology makes the platform the perfect choice for schools across the world. Supporting any national standards and bespoke curricula, Kinteract is transforming how schools deliver and assess all forms of learning and for all ages.

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Multi Academy Trusts

Boosting performance through data, community and collaboration

Kinteract provides the perfect platform for groups of schools, providing real time data and analytics and connecting all stakeholders from students, teachers and parents to CEOs. We integrate seamlessly with existing systems to provide efficient workflows and cost-optimization.

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