International Schools

Finally... a learning platform that meets your needs

Wherever you are and whatever curriculum you follow, Kinteract delivers learning and tracks progress across the whole school, building a portfolio of evidence and a holistic record of achievement. Going beyond academics, Kinteract is unique in encompassing all achievements, reflecting the uniqueness of every child.

Key Benefits

For all ages and stages

Suitable for all ages, Kinteract is truly a ‘through school’ K-12 solution, providing continuity throughout the learner’s journey. For parents, there is no confusing switching of platforms as they move through age ranges. 

For any curriculum

Kinteract can be customised to accommodate national standards and curricula, as well as any bespoke programs run by the school or your enrichment partners.

Better data for leaders

Customisable data dashboards support informed decision-making at all levels, from student to CEO. Provides focused data for governors and inspectors and to inform the self-evaluation process, professional development priorities and school improvement plans. 

Build community and power collaboration

Leverage the expertise in international school groups by share resources and effective practice across the network. 


Realise cost-optimization benefits through rationalization of systems. Our experience is that most international schools have too many IT systems with wasteful functional overlap. Kinteract can integrate with what you really need to keep for an efficient and cost-optimized workflow.

Focused professional development

Leverage rich data and analytics to better target professional development based on student needs. Kinteract can be used to deliver professional development and build teacher and leader portfolios of achievement. 

Supporting EAL learners and their families

Rapidly assimilate EAL learners to enable access to the curriculum and accelerate success. Support families through Kinteract’s multi-lingual interface.

Wellbeing, recruitment and retention

Improve staff wellbeing, recruitment and retention by streamlining the learning process, reducing administrative tasks and freeing up teachers to teach.

Agile and adaptable

Quickly implement new initiatives and curriculum innovations across the school or group.


Attract families by evidencing outstanding provision of personalised learning and a holistic curriculum.  

Supporting Inclusion

Empower SEN learners to achieve their potential through personalised curriculum pathways.

Parent engagement

Engage parents as true partners in the learning process.

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