Special Educational Needs

Giving every child the personalised support they need to succeed

Every child can succeed and achieve their dreams, given the right support. Kinteract supports teachers and parents to help every child reach their potential, through delivery and tracking of a unique personalised learning program, to ensure success.

"I spent a significant amount of time researching progress-monitoring platforms for our school and I trialled a significant number of them. Most of them were incredibly good but, being an SEMH specialist setting, I was looking for something that would track our students holistically and none of them seemed to have this functionality. I was looking for the flexibility or capacity to simultaneously track SEMH or lifeskills progress as well as progress towards EHCP outcomes and mental wellbeing. Just when I thought what I was looking for didn't exist, I discovered Kinteract.

They actually build the provision around exactly what you need as a school and they even input all your curricular outcomes so there is no laborious time spent on admin to set up the system school-side! They provide all the support and staff training on utilising the system on site and we can see, in one place and on one mapping tool, where students have made progress in every area of their provision.

It is so easy to use and streamlined to require very little time from overworked teachers. The data is laid out clearly and accessible to everyone. Students can add to it, as can parents, and it truly does demonstrate learning journeys comprehensively. I would not hesitate to recommend Kinteract for any school, mainstream or specialist. It was worth the days of my time spent searching to find such a great resource!"

Rebecca Garside

SENCO Curriculum Leader, Lewis Charlton School

Key Benefits

Personalised achievement portfolio

Real time, evidence-backed portfolio of holistic achievement provides students with all the evidence needed to secure their next steps within and beyond school.  

Personalised curriculum pathways

By building personalised curriculum pathways, tracking progress and providing smart recommendations, Kinteract is transforming achievement and life chances for SEN students. 

Evidence for EHCPs

Provides evidence and clear data to smooth the process of securing, building and delivering EHCPs.

Streamline Assessments

Streamline assessment by collecting data quickly and easily as a natural part of the learning process.

Teachers free to teach

Kinteract’s efficient workflow increases learning time and frees up teachers to work with their students.

Automated reports

By entering data only once at the point of learning and with automated reports, pressure points in the academic year are eliminated.

Better learning

Better student progress and outcomes in all areas of the curriculum and beyond.

Student agency and engagement

Increase learner agency – students can add their own holistic achievements and play an authentic role in creating their own learning journey.

Parent engagement

Engage parents as authentic partners in their child’s learning journey.

Holistic learning and development

Track holistic progress and achievements, including all extra-curricular activity. One size does not fit all, so Kinteract records all achievements that matter to each child.

Supports EAL learners and families

Multi lingual platform provides EAL support for families and children.

Better data for leaders

Customisable data dashboards support leaders’ informed decision-making. Provides focused data for governors and inspectors and to inform the self-evaluation process, professional development priorities and school improvement plans.

Focused professional development

Link professional learning with student needs. Kinteract can be used to deliver professional development and build teacher and leader portfolios of achievement.

Recover learning loss

Recover learning loss through delivery of a personalised program.

Improve wellbeing

By personalising the learning experience for every student, supporting parents and teachers and tracking specific indicators, Kinteract raises wellbeing across the whole community.

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