Special Education Needs Schools

A learning platform that provides an inclusive educational experience for all learners.

Kinteract provides an inclusive educational experience for all learners. Created for teaching and learning in the now and in the future as teachers have the ability to differentiate for individual needs seamlessly.

SENCOs are able to track both core and non-core achievements; upload multiple pictures, videos and voice notes to provide parents and carers with real-time updates of their child’s day – while recording their achievements and abilities in a digital learning portfolio.

Create opportunities for every child to access learning and build in opportunities for small group collaboration, 1:1 resource support and the use of particular tools and functions for personalisation.

Benefits for Special Education Needs Schools

Assessment and tracking

No tick-box exercises - track only what’s important for each student to provide a holistic assessment approach.

Automate teacher workflows

Track and assess ‘past’ tasks or assignments completed by students - with a few clicks. Save time on reports and automate your workflows.

Content management

Manage your school’s content or third-party content by linking it to “Next Steps”, homework or subject/curriculum hashtags.

Progress tracking

SEN children are able to demonstrate their creativity and learning while Kinteract tracks their individual progress and development.

Student and parental engagement

Share reports or feedback with students and families in real-time – with optional push notifications.


Insightful dashboards allow teachers to actively monitor student performance and social gaps. Identify early intervention to personalise every student’s learning journey.

Easy reading capabilities

Ensure large fonts and lots of white space in tagged resources for students who may have issues with reading.

Translation capabilities and voice recording

Second language learners may also need to hear their teacher’s voice and require translation or readable instructions alongside the voice recording.

Actionable recommendations

Advanced analytics will generate clear, actionable recommendations to remediate and accelerate student attainment.

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