Multi-Academy Trusts

Boosting collaboration and performance across groups of schools

“Simply, children value a society where all can succeed”
The Big Ask (2021), UK Children’s Commissioner

Kinteract’s smart education platform empowers MATs and school groups to ensure that every single child meets their potential. By providing rich, real-time, personalised data for all stakeholders, connecting professionals and parents, and building evidence-backed portfolios, we help every student to uncover their passions and achieve their dreams.  

Key Benefits

Better data for leaders

Customisable data dashboards support informed decision-making at all levels, from student to CEO.

Holistic learning

Improve holistic outcomes for all learners. With Kinteract, all learning matters, whether it is academic, vocational or extra-curricular.  


Realise cost-optimization benefits through rationalization of IT systems.

Build community and power collaboration

Share resources and leverage expertise across the network to share effective practice.

Supports EAL learners and families

Our multilingual platform provides EAL support for families and children.

Focused professional development

Leverage rich data and analytics to better target professional development based on student needs. Kinteract can be used to deliver professional development and build teacher and leader portfolios of achievement.

Personalised support for SEN learners

Supports SEN students and their families through personalised curriculum pathways, tracking and recommendations. Provides evidence and clear data to secure, build and deliver EHCPs. 

Wellbeing, recruitment and retention

Improve staff wellbeing, recruitment and retention by streamlining the learning process, reducing administrative tasks and freeing up teachers to teach.

Agile and adaptable

Quickly implement new initiatives and curriculum innovations across the group.

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