Innovative Educational Models

Supporting all learning, everywhere

Kinteract serves a range of organizations to deliver, track and assess learning of all kinds. Whether it is sports coaching, music tuition, creative arts or technology, we can help to streamline your processes, optimize costs and boost performance.

Key Benefits

Learn anything

Customisable platform can deliver your bespoke curriculum.

Learn anywhere

Supports face to face, online and blended learning.

Personalised achievement portfolio

Build a personalised portfolio of achievement for every learner.

Smart recommendations

Track progress and boost performance through smart recommendations.

Parent engagement

Engage parents through communication and collaboration.

Professional learning

Deliver professional learning for coaches, trainers and teachers, leveraging student data to ensure focus on student needs and organizational performance requirements.

Bespoke data and analytics

Leverage real-time data to improve performance and decision-making, based on any bespoke metrics required.

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