Supporting Sports Education

Because learning happens both on and off the pitch

We know the value of sports education and how life-changing sports can be to a learner. At Kinteract, we want to support the whole learner in everything that they do.

By recording sporting progress and activity in Kinteract's Learning Journey Solution, coaches and educators can work with the athlete to support their sporting journey.

How we support Sports Education

“We are excited to be working with Kinteract and using their platform to enhance player development across our player pathway and our high performing county age group squads. The app is easy to use and allows us to quickly share resources and coaching ideas with parents and players who can follow the development journey's. It has been particularly useful to encourage players’ input and empower them in shaping their own learning.”

Gavin Colebourn, Performance and Pathway Manager
Cheshire Cricket

How we support sports education

Fast feedback supports skills development

Receiving timely feedback ensures that players can adapt their skills quicker, creating success-building habits and developing their game.

We believe learning should be an active and constant stream of communication between coach and learner, to help them reach their potential.

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  • Multiple leading sports frameworks are already built into Kinteract, making tracking progress and levels easier.

  • Creates an inclusive environment, on and off the pitch.

  • Develops communication between coach, athlete and carer to provide tailored support.

Real-time feedback and multimedia file uploads allows coaches and educators to upload video analysis of skill development, charting and communicating the athletes progress.

Using Kinteract's Learning journey Solution allows coaches to individuals or teams to understand where they are meeting or exceeding expected levels, and where they need further support.

Supporting coaches and athletes

“Kinteract has proved to be really useful for us, in terms of two-way communication - giving players feedback, both via text, in report-form or through voice messages and video chats. The feedback process is really simple within the app. The platform itself is user-friendly, we've set up groups and it’s probably the easiest way to share information with everyone - Kinteract works really well for that. "

Kristian Heames, Director & Head Coach
Football Development Schools

With our Learning Journey Solution, we focus on creating an environment whereby the Coach, Learner and Carer can all understand what goals the athlete is working towards. This clear communication between the three, means that the learner can get the support that they need to achieve their sporting goals and perform at their best.

Kinteract can be built around the structures and levels that you already have in your organisation. The Learning Journey Solution is fully customisable to your sport and organisational structure.

Kinteract is here to support athletes as part of schools or sporting organisations. If you're a sporting organisation and would like a better way to communicate the sporting journey, then speak with on of our team, who will be able to demonstrate how we've been supporting leading sports organisations and athletes for over a decade.

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