Non-Standard Education

Integrating non-Standard Education Models into learning

Non-standard education models can create inclusive environments for all students to thrive. Whether this be through outdoor education, music, sport or beyond. We can support learners to access the learning that they need to thrive and achieve.

The importance of music education

Delivering non-standard education effortlessly

Using Kinteract's Learning Journey Solution, ensures that non-standard education plans can be delivered alongside more traditional curriculums and education plans. Being able to capture and assess all learning, in one place, is what makes Kinteract different.

Non-standard education can involve a variety of types of learning, from individualised care plans, outdoor education, bespoke frameworks built by educators and so much more.

Ensuring that we capture the whole learning journey, is vital to being able to put in support that helps develop the learner, their skills and their wider educational journey. We know that support is not a one size fits all, and so by having an effective way to communicate what the learner needs between the school, carer and learner, is what will make the difference in providing tailored support.

"This has helped immensely in tracking progress for children's individual learning. We really appreciate the effort you are putting in to make Kinteract so bespoke for educator's needs."

Raj Cheema, Curriculum Lead
Boundless Life

Key Benefits for Non-Standard Education

How can educators create a great learning environment?

If you're reading this page, you likely already know. At Kinteract we want to support educators delivering learning that fosters a passion for life-long learning and learner orientated success.

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  • Bespoke learning frameworks uploaded into our learning journey solution, so you can track learners individual and holistic achievements.

  • Creating an inclusive environment, no matter where a learner is carrying out their education.

  • Communicating the learning journey between the teacher, carer and learner, creating individualised support.

Whether you have a bespoke requirement or a non-standard education framework, we can support you and your learners. Kinteract's learning journey solution can be tailored to any bespoke educational models. With many of our schools and organisations already doing so, let us show you how they are embracing non-standard education with Kinteract and supporting learners along their learning journey, wherever it may take them.

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