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Here’s why Kinteract is the perfect platform for SEN schools

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Here’s why Kinteract is the perfect platform for SEN schools

It’s accessible for everyone

Traditional teaching can be tricky in a SEN context. SEN learners typically require extra support which teachers can’t always distribute evenly throughout a class.

Kinteract, however, can be customised to each learner’s individual needs. For example, Kinteract:

  • Can be easily adjusted for things like font size, background colour, and other things that make reading and learning more accessible.
  • Has innate translation capabilities, which are a huge help for those who are not learning in their first language.
  • Caters fully for those with speech, hearing, and language difficulties. Students can easily toggle between text and voice-based learning, or use both at the same time.
  • Adapts intelligently to each learner’s needs. 

It makes progress tracking easy

Here at Kinteract, we don’t think that learner progress should be reduced to simple academic goals. We believe that learners get a much richer and more nuanced education if their progress is tracked in a more continuous, holistic manner.

Kinteract enables stakeholders to track a lot more than just academic milestones. Our intuitive hashtag and recording system enables the tracking of things like behaviour, social development, confidence growth, new skills, talents, passions, and anything else that’s relevant to a learner’s journey.

All of this can be easily recorded and tracked over time. This means that teachers, parents, and learners themselves can see at the click of a button just how well they have progressed over time. 

This kind of holistic progress tracking also makes it very easy to spot patterns in progress or behaviour and gain insights into learners’ talents and passions. Teachers can use these insights to provide each learner with exactly what they need to flourish.

What’s more, this tracking is incredibly easy to do. It makes recording, assessing, and reporting on learner progress a very simple task. This saves teachers a lot of time - time they can spend on what they do best: teaching.

It creates opportunities

Kinteract provides opportunities for learners to follow their passions in ways which may not otherwise be available for them. 

As well as enabling learning in a multitude of different ways, and helping teachers to give learners what they need via insightful progress tracking, Kinteract is a gateway to a wealth of learning resources and opportunities.

Through Kinteract, learners can access content which will help them to achieve the next vital steps in their education - content designed specifically for their needs. Videos, lesson recordings, e-libraries and more are all available through Kinteract.

Teachers can easily collect, curate, and manage relevant content through the “Next Steps” homework portal, or via our intuitive subject/curriculum hashtag system.

All of this creates opportunities for learning, growth, and development that can help learners transform their interests into passions, and their passions into lifelong skills.

It enables engagement

Engagement is vital for SEN education. Students with SEN have needs and preferences that can be accommodated much more easily if teachers, learners, and family members work together to establish personalised educational strategies.

Ideally, this kind of working-together should be an ongoing process, not something that’s hashed out once or twice a year during Parents’ Evening. That’s why a robust communication system is vital.

Kinteract helps to develop, nurture, and activate educational communities. Stakeholders can easily message back and forth, while staying totally in control of their time via our one and two-way messaging system. 

Information, reports, schoolwork, content, and much more can be shared between parties at the click of a button. You can even add push notifications to encourage quieter community members to engage.

Crucially, all of this is totally private. All data is fully protected, and cannot be shared or viewed without explicit permission.

It gives actionable recommendations

Kinteract’s AI is an expert on education. It can spot patterns and passions with ease, and knows exactly what learners need in order to bring out their best.

Kinteract’s AI has access to an astonishing wealth of resources. When it identifies patterns and potential in a learner, it can pinpoint the best resources, learning routes, goals, and opportunities to help them make the absolute most of their education.

This gives teachers plenty of ideas and inspiration for providing each student with exactly what they need. It can also help to highlight aspects of learners’ journeys that teachers (and maybe even they themselves!) had not considered. 

All in all, our AI’s intelligent recommendations can help learners to go that extra mile, develop their passions in new directions, and encounter opportunities they would never otherwise have considered.