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How can you manage behaviour when teaching online?

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How can you manage behaviour when teaching online?

Online teaching has a lot of advantages when it comes to classroom management. Platforms like Kinteract help teachers to record their observations, control discussions, and put together reports with ease. However, you could argue that it’s easier to get to grips with student behaviour when you’re standing in front of a class, getting to know students' characters and observing in real time.

Now, with a class of dispersed students all logging in remotely, this isn’t an option.

How can teachers use Kinteract to manage their classes while teaching online? Here are a few tips which might help:

Be clear about your expectations

It sounds obvious, but students can’t behave unless they know your standards or behavioural expectations.

Be clear about the behaviour which you expect from your students/

Be consistent

Once you’ve established your behavioural standards, you have to enforce them.

Any good teacher knows that there are ways to deal with behaviour, but consistency is key.

Be encouraging

Encouraging good behaviour is often more effective than sanctioning bad behaviour.

Be enthusiastic when your students do something well. Give plenty of praise and encouragement. Good behaviour is its own reward.

Record your observations

Digital teaching platforms like Kinteract come into their own with reporting tools. It’s easy for teachers to record observations and track behaviour. 

This doesn’t just help teachers to collect their thoughts, it also helps to clarify behavioural patterns over time. This can be very revealing, and extremely helpful when working with a student to iron out issues.

What’s more, the ability to record and track these kinds of observations makes it easier than ever to present parents and other stakeholders with clear evidence of issues. Using digitally generated reports, teachers and parents can work together to stop problem behaviour and reward good behaviour.

Monitor the social feed

A good learning platform should facilitate class discussion and help to build a learning community. However, socialising in class is a double-edged sword. Students can easily distract one another - especially at primary and secondary level.

Monitor interactions on the social feed, and be prepared to swoop in if you see the discussion getting off topic.

Create a routine

Routine is great for helping students to behave. If students know what to expect, they’ll also know how to behave. 

GIving online lessons a basic structural routine will make it easier for students to do their work quickly and comfortably. A lack of routine, on the other hand, can cause confusion, which often leads to disruption.

Gain total control over your classes with Kinteract

Kinteract is designed to empower teachers in every aspect of their jobs. Through consistent monitoring, progress-tracking, and reporting, teachers can easily identify patterns in behaviour. Through enhanced communication, teachers can work together with both students and parents to make sure that the learning experience is as smooth and beneficial as possible. 

Combine this with teaching techniques like encouragement and routine, and you’ll be able to control your classes perfectly - even when your students are scattered around the country!