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My first three months at Kinteract

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My first three months at Kinteract

First, though, for anyone who doesn’t know what Kinteract is, here’s a quick overview.

Kinteract is a next generation teaching, learning, assessment and data analytics solution that is providing better life chances for learners of all ages in The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by:
• Building a personalised learning pathway for every learner

• Using AI and advanced data analytics through an innovative and unique hashtag system, to inform learning and recommend next steps across the curriculum and beyond

• Going beyond the core curriculum to support holistic achievement

• Freeing up teachers to do what matters, through an efficient workflow that brings teaching, learning, collaboration, evidence collection, data analysis and reporting all within one umbrella

• Supporting wellbeing by giving every learner a voice

• Connecting and engaging parents as genuine partners in their children’s unique learning journeys

• Supporting any organisation where learning happens

• Creating a unique pathway for every child with SEN to accelerate their progress

• Being adaptable to any curriculum, anywhere in the world

• Building a unique portable, college entry transcript and lifelong learning portfolio  

• Providing comprehensive data at district and national/ministry level to inform better policy formation and resource allocation to drive economic growth. Creating a safer, more secure and happy society

I have been a fan of Kinteract for many years, having previously bought and used this high impact solution. It is therefore a privilege to now have the opportunity to help further develop the product and bring the benefits of personalised learning to many more institutions, teachers and learners across the world.

It is also a joy to work with a team, put together by our MD, Jamie Southerington, that is bonded by shared values and a desire to make the world a better, fairer and safer place for all. We have had some great discussions around our vision and mission and why we are doing what we are doing and these have centred around the need for hyper-personalised learning to drive success and fulfilment for every citizen.

Maslow called it self-actualization or being all one can be. Csikszentmihalyi created the concept of flow and Sir Ken Robinson framed it as being in our element. The Japanese talk about finding one’s ‘ikigai’ or purpose in life. At Kinteract, we believe that education is about far more than just the traditional basics. That’s why, as well as accelerating progress and raising achievement in the core school curriculum, our solution goes further, in supporting holistic, personalised learning and development in any field and for all ages.

So this is what we are working on - building a better, fairer world by levelling up society and helping everyone to achieve their dreams and find their purpose in life.

As well as serving more and more schools who are looking for more sophisticated solutions than they may have used to manage learning and data in the past, we have been seeing great impact with a range of innovative providers of holistic and specialised learning. Highlights include:

Music Tuition and CPD in the UK

Kinteract is helping a charitable foundation that is supporting 21 schools within the UK. They serve disadvantaged communities with funding for classical instruments and music tuition. Kinteract has provided the platform to deliver their programme across all 21 sites to connect and train Heads of Department and peripatetic teachers. Kinteract tracks progress and achievement for all participants in the programme.

Language Passport in China

Kinteract is supporting the a large independent school group to deliver a bespoke package in engaging English language learning across their three campuses within China. Kinteract is transforming student and parent engagement in English language learning within the school campuses and remotely from home.

Sport: Cricket Boards in England

Kinteract is excited to be working with five county cricket boards in England, supporting their Emerging Player Programmes. Kinteract is creating individual player portfolios and enabling remote coaching and a centralised platform to collaborate and track progress for each individual. This is a unique and growing offering that shows significant opportunities for Kinteract not only across Cricket but sport in general.

Special Educational Needs in the UK

Kinteract continues to see significant growth and impact across the SEN sector, in mainstream, special provision and local authority settings. We have recently signed with a residential care and private education institute in which the platform is creating personalised and Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Education & Health Care Plans (EHCPs) for students with special educational needs and at the extreme end of the behavioural challenges spectrum.

To see this breadth of our impact on students’ holistic achievement demonstrates Kinteract’s capability to work across many different sectors and in many different environments. This is a great reward for the hard work put in by the Kinteract team and the vision of our innovative customers.

If you’re doing things differently and you are already part of the personalised learning revolution, please do get in touch to find out how Kinteract can help.


Personalised Learning for All.