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Partnership announcement: WCBS, leading EdTech providers for Independent and International Schools

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Partnership announcement: WCBS, leading EdTech providers for Independent and International Schools

The pandemic has hit all aspects of education; in terms of fee-paying schools, in past year we’ve seen ~30 UK Independent schools close their doors permanently as a direct result of COVID-19. Schools have had to deliver outstanding levels of teaching to warrant such an ask, especially when delivering to their students remotely, at home and not on campus.

Adoption of technology has increased massively, creating a focus on Cloud technologies, system efficiencies, and better user experiences.

That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with leading Independent and International school EdTech providers, WCBS.

Who is WCBS?

WCBS provide specialist EdTech software for Independent and International schools in three core areas: Admissions, MIS and Finance.

As market leaders, WCBS redefine expectations in EdTech – in other sectors, we have seen a large investment and innovative technology. WCBS challenges the standard of technology, why should fee-paying schools accept clunky software that isn’t user friendly? Why are schools migrating to databases that aren’t fit for purpose?

HUBmis, the next generation Management Information System from WCBS, is the latest addition to their product suite. Cloud native, not web based, the highly anticipated solution launched in October 2020 saw a £5m investment. Built on an API, it boasts a x10 better UX.

Integration for the future

Integrating our flexible and digital learning environment offers schools a streamlined approach to teaching and learning. Our partnership will enable schools to take advantage of the possibilities that can enhance their approach, while helping to reduce teacher workload and increase student involvement and engagement.

WCBS’ Sales & Marketing Director, Stephen Bilboe, says: “We are delighted to be partnering with the team at Kinteract, sharing their view of better, integrated user experiences that leads to time saved and ultimately enhanced outcomes.”

By empowering Independent schools with next-generation products, we enable them to focus on what’s important, delivering outstanding education.

Click here to book a demo, and find out how our partnership with WCBS can benefit your school.