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Product Update: Feed Improvements

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Product Update: Feed Improvements

We’re excited to be releasing our latest feed updates to existing Kinteract schools next week. Over the last couple of months, we have listened intently to changes that schools would find beneficial to their experience with our Learning Journey Solution.

Some of the new features that you will see in the next week are:

Tagging classes:

Kinteract will now show which classes you selected when adding students to a post. You can click on the class name to see the individual students.

Post author:

It’s now much easier to see who made a post, with the name and picture of the post author on the top left.

Assessment, target and progress:

Instead of showing a graph on the feed, which sometimes took up too much space, Assessments, Targets and Progress now show as an easily recognisable thumbnail - just click it to see the data.

Focusing on a card:

You can click on any card to expand and focus on it. Just click back to get back to the feed.

Alongside these key developments, we have also incorporated updates across the whole platform, improving performance and user experience. We'll be sharing some follow-up posts to explain some exciting new workflows in the coming weeks.

If you’re a Kinteract school and have a suggestion, feel free to reach out at, we would love to hear from you!