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Radical Solution to Teacher Workload through Task Automation

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Radical Solution to Teacher Workload through Task Automation

The teaching profession has come under pressure from the ‘audit culture’ that pervades in schools – causing increased workload, anxiety and staff burnout.

Faced with this, schools have attempted to reduce teachers’ unnecessary workloads – by introducing a plethora of tedious (and at times, complex) edtech systems to perform daily or weekly tasks – that ironically, suck up time from the teaching day (and somewhat encroach on personal and social lives!).

It’s cited that the majority of teachers are working in excess of 50 hours per week, of which a maximum of 27 hours is dedicated to interacting with students. This can be borne out once we consider logging attendance, storing assessment information, tracking student performance, creating content for lessons, evidencing learning, logging behavioural incidents and additional pastoral information, engaging with parents, monitoring and reporting attainment and potentially supporting with ESL/EAL. Meanwhile, school leaders are allocating (too much) time navigating the obstacles caused by their existing technological infrastructure, further compounded by the need to deliver blended/synchronised teaching during this year’s pandemic.

The current situation is far from sustainable and has a proven impact on the numbers of teachers leaving this great profession, due to workload or stress-related illness.

These pressures have culminated in the need for a transformational solution to automate teacher tasks by simplifying or reducing their workload and enabling them to focus on what matters most - teaching! A solution that is affordable, easy to use and aligned to key work flows, and well-implemented.

Kinteract is the versatile and consolidated platform that can, very simply, perform a variety of operational and pedagogical functions. A smart platform solution, that is adaptable and flexible to individual schools, academies, MATs or local authorities nationwide.

By providing a solution that can bring – evidence-based assessments; powerful reporting; the creation and management of content libraries; the monitoring and tracking of student progression alongside multiple or bespoke curricula; pre-recorded or live lesson delivery; parental engagement and real-time communication – all under one umbrella, is a game-changer for schools. Kinteract is able to simplify the teaching day, minimise teacher workload, elevate student learning, engage families and carers – to put pedagogy first.
Some practical examples of how Kinteract can help:

- Teachers spend excessive amounts of time performing, marking and logging assessment data onto mind-boggling systems. Kinteract is not a tick-box exercise, as it tracks what is essential for every student's development - to provide a holistic assessment approach in keeping with Ofsted’s new view of assessment.

- Reporting to parents has always been considered a time-consuming task, but with real-time communication capabilities, teachers are able to track student learning patterns through machine-learning algorithms to create personalised summaries of learner proficiency and progress. Teachers have the preference to communicate through one or two-way communication to share information and academic updates with families.

- Supporting Ofsted standards and requirements - lesson planning and preparation is undoubtedly a length procedure (especially to now plan for both classroom and remote learners), but through using Kinteract’s Next Steps tool, teachers are able to create and manage their own content or third-party content by linking it to activities, homework, subject/curriculum hashtags against the school curriculum.

- Parental engagement becomes an integral facet of daily routines, as students and parents are assigned dedicated logins so that everyone can be involved in the student journey and contribute to building a strong home-school relationship from the start! 

- Kinteract supports teachers with multiple language translation, keeping multilingual parents with ESL or EAL connected through their children’s learning journey.

Coupled with individualised implementation and support, Kinteract has the power to change the working lives of teachers and to support schools moving into a digital future.

– Pat Mainprize, Head of Curriculum, Kinteract