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A connected world needs connected learning

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What We Do

Intelligent technology for today

Kinteract fuses intuitive design, powerful analysis and instant communication so teachers can work efficiently and students reach their full potential.

Why We Do It

We want to change learning

Teaching is ever evolving. By using the latest technology we created an app that can respond dynamically no matter your organisational structure, income, or even internet connection. At its core is community and ownership around learning, which leads to better results.

Creating a global classroom

Kinteract has been adopted by institutions all over the world, working with various curricula including: British National Curriculum, EYFS, Common Core, International Baccalaureate; a bespoke curriculum in a high school in Shanghai; Learning Without Levels in a Multi-Academy Trust in England, and by a homeschooling co-operative in Oxford.

Built using industry expertise

Our expertise within the education sector continually informs Kinteract. To remain at the forefront of the industry, app updates incorporate the latest developments from advisory panels and conferences, along with feedback from customers and focus groups.

The Team

Kinteract is guided by a dedicated team who have decades of experience in direct delivery of schooling and building apps for leading education and commercial entities. They are former alumni of Pearson, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, GEMS Education, Nord Anglia and Bright Horizons to name a few.

Kinteract Team - Ian Blackburn

Ian Blackburn

Board Member
Kinteract Team - Bence Erdos

Bence Erdos

Senior Software Developer
Kinteract Team - Alex Farrell

Alex Farrell

Co-Founder And Chief Technical Officer
Kinteract Team - Richard Gill

Richard Gill

Head of Mobile
Kinteract Team - Atilla Juhasz

Atilla Juhasz

Senior Sofware Developer
Kinteract Team - Zsolt Kozaroczy

Zsolt Kozaroczy

Software Developer
Kinteract Team - Herve Marchet

Herve Marchet

Kinteract Team - Shehzad Najib

Shehzad Najib

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Kinteract Team - Nahiem Razaq

Nahiem Razaq

Co-Founder And Chief Operations Officer
Kinteract Team - Tajinder Sandhu

Tajinder Sandhu

Chief Financial Officer
Kinteract Team - Andrew Wolfson

Andrew Wolfson

Board Member