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Our vision

At Kinteract, we are driven by our belief in the wonderful diversity of human talent. One size does not fit all and every single person can realise their dreams and make a positive impact on society if they are given the right opportunities and support.

Meet the team

Alex Farrell
Managing Director and
Technical Director
'Making futures brighter'
Daniel Neeld
Head of Commercial
'Allowing every individual the chance
to succeed'
Phil Redhead
Director of Education and Innovation
'Empowering every child to thrive'
Patrick Mainprize
Head of Education
'Improvement with equality for all children'
Rebecca Fowkes
Senior Marketing Manager
'Supporting educators and every learner'
Harry Saunders
Business Development Manager
'Personalising learning for all'
Emily Devlin
Product Success Manager
'Empowering and supporting all learners
to succeed'
Thomas Blackburn
Business and Operations Specialist
'No child should be left behind'

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