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How can Kinteract help with teacher professional development?

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How can Kinteract help with teacher professional development?

It sounds obvious, but learning can’t happen without teachers. That’s why the team at Kinteract works hard to give teachers the tools and support they need. 

Here are just some of the ways in which Kinteract helps teachers with both their day-to-day jobs and their long-term professional development:

Kinteract makes communication clear and easy

Supportive communication is key for professional development. Teachers need to be able to communicate with students, colleagues, parents and with school leadership teams in order to give (and get!) much needed feedback and support.

This isn’t always easy. It can be tough to schedule meetings at a time that suits everyone. Even if you do manage to sort a meeting time, it’s not always possible to cram in everything that needs discussing. 

To solve this problem, Kinteract opens up multiple avenues of communication. Teachers can send direct messages, video-chat, communicate via comments, easily schedule face to face meetings, and more. 

What’s more, teachers are always in full control of their communications. We know how important downtime is for teachers, so we’ve made it so you can toggle between one and two-way messaging. This ensures that you won’t be interrupted with work messages in your free time.   

Kinteract’s hashtagging system shows progression

Kinteract’s innovative hashtagging system allows you to monitor absolutely anything. From behaviours to academic progress to personal goals, if you can hashtag it, you can track it with Kinteract.

From a professional development point of view this is fantastic for viewing your progress as a teacher. Consistently logging developments using a hashtag lets you track changes and progress over time. When viewed in a wider context, Kinteract’s hashtag tracking system can reveal unexpected patterns and potential.

Understanding where you’ve come from and how well you’re progressing is essential for professional development. Kinteract’s hashtagging system helps you to do that quickly, clearly, and easily.

It’s easy to make comments and observations on assignments, videos, and more

Assessment can be a chore, but Kinteract makes it easy. No matter what kind of assignment your student has completed, you can easily annotate, make observations, and send feedback via Kinteract.

For example, we’ve recently introduced a feature which allows teachers to make time-stamped observations on student videos. If a particular behaviour or feature stands out to you during the video, you can bookmark and comment on it at the relevant time point.

This helps to make detailed real-time observations about student performance, and enables smooth, easily-shareable feedback.

Kinteract shows staff when students have seen a post

Kinteract’s ‘seen’ tick shows staff when a student has seen a post or assignment you have sent them. This is great for accountability. No more being fobbed off with “I didn’t see it!” or “My computer wouldn’t load it!” excuses!

As well as helping you enforce your expectations for students, the ‘seen’ tick makes sure that deadlines are set fairly, and that support is given where needed. For example, if one student regularly ‘sees’ assignments much later than the rest, you will know that they may need some help with their schedule. 

All in all, it gives you a much more nuanced idea of the timeframes your students are working in, which in turn gives you a good idea of when and where they might need your support.

Kinteract syncs with Google Drive to provide the best file and resource sharing facility available

Kinteract syncs seamlessly with Google Drive and all the other top file-sharing resources. This means that you can use it anywhere, any time, with any software. It’s accessible, no matter what platform you write or share your files through.

Staff and students can easily share and access files privately, within groups, or to a wider audience. Everything is fully customizable, making it easy to work in closed groups, in collaboration with other classes, on an individual basis, or to share resources with an entire school network.

Data privacy is a priority for us, so there’s no need to worry about sensitive data files getting into the wrong hands. Anything you set as private will stay exactly that.

To learn more about how Kinteract supports teachers, check out our Platform Features.