It starts and ends
with progress

Deliver unique teaching and learning experiences within a singular platform, while aligning to the individual workflows and reporting needs of your school.

Evidence learning

Build and analyse holistic summaries of learner proficiency, progress and passion for every child’s interactive learning journey that feature strengths, attainment and areas that require further development.

Track student learning patterns using machine-learning algorithms that provide intelligent curriculum suggestions, adaptive and contextual content and automated assessment levels to improve educational outcomes.

Focus on teaching – and save time on admin tasks

Plan and automate your workflows through scheduling and eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks. Plan your activities and lessons days, weeks or terms ahead – seamlessly – using voice recording capabilities, dynamically curated posts, multimedia uploads, content and resource linking and live-lesson scheduling. Deliver in person or remotely and repost recorded lessons for all to benefit from.

Drive engagement with parents in real-time

Share and communicate instant academic and social successes with your parent community and provide actionable insights to families on their child’s progress.

Teachers have the power and preference to connect with parents or carers in real-time through one or two-way communication.

Data-driven insights

Review and action student progress and teacher performance. A consolidated dashboard allows you to search and sort class data by learner level, year, department or subject for singular or multi-site communities.

This new wave of data-informed decision making in schools – in which teachers, Principals and Leadership Teams school collaboratively act on data – can significantly improve education.

Create content management libraries

Manage and store teaching materials, proprietary and third-party content in one, secure place.

Teachers and curators can refer to or add content to posts or classwork at any time while Kinteract will suggest and prompt teachers to ensure the relevant media or material is used.

Increase student engagement and enhance student wellbeing

Support and encourage students to build better relationships with their peers and teachers, while enhancing their individual attention, curiosity, interest, optimism and passion.

Key Features:

Next steps

Assign classroom activities or tasks, set homework or schedule live lessons - days, weeks or terms in advance.


Record observations, set goals and create assessments on the ‘social’ feed.

Paperless assessments

Track and assess ‘past’ tasks or assignments completed by students - with a few clicks.

Real-time communication

Share reports or feedback with students and families in real-time – with optional push notifications.

Content management

Manage your school’s content or third-party content by linking it to “Next Steps”, homework or subject/curriculum hashtags.


Insightful dashboards for multi-site reporting to monitor, compare and evaluate academic achievement, learning trends or gaps.

Social hashtag tracker

Tag students and link progress to the curriculum using hashtags.

Intelligent recommendations

Advanced analytics will generate clear, actionable recommendations to remediate and accelerate student attainment.

Language translation

Instantly translate posts or comments for multilingual students, carers and families.

Live lesson delivery

Integrate your MS Teams, Zoom or Google accounts with Kinteract and continue to facilitate live lessons and repost them to the class feed.

Multimedia uploads

Teachers and students are able to upload and share files, videos, photos and links with ease.

Data security

Kinteract is built against a strong application framework – data is stored safely and remains encrypted. Every user is required to authenticate their identity with a login or password.

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