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How KinSport enables sports associations to survive and thrive - online, and on the field!

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How KinSport enables sports associations to survive and thrive - online, and on the field!

Is education technology really revolutionising sports training and development?

Let’s not beat around the bush - the limitations around physical exercise and education during lockdown was frustrating, because Sports in general, is a super social pursuit. Training involves lots of face-to-face interaction; cooperation between players or athletes – and at the end of the day, sportsmen and sportswomen thrive on crowds of spectators.

When lockdown and tier restrictions came into play, many sports academies and associations assumed they’d have to halt their training programmes and courses. However, those that looked to digital solutions found, to their surprise, that edtech really has a lot of potential for sport!

While we can’t (yet) put a virtual athlete in the room with your budding sports stars, KinSport can provide the support that coaches, schools, associations and students need in order to connect, develop, thrive and succeed!

Here’s how:

Live lesson delivery

We learned through lockdown that live sports lessons work. Half the country was ‘Joe Wicks-ing’ to Youtube P.E lessons. 

With KinSport, teachers and trainers are able to coach as normal, deliver pre-recorded and/or live lessons – assuming that students have the right facilities/space, they can receive the same expert tuition wherever they are in the world.

Teachers and trainers can facilitate lessons for whole classes, or have one-on-one training sessions with individual students – and what’s more, students are able to go back to pre-recorded lessons (if there’s something they’re not sure about), or a drill or technique they need to perfect – a feature that not even face-to-face lessons can offer!

Reporting and evidencing individual development

Students and teachers can build personalised learning journeys based on individual goals. This is updated in real-time as students progress. The Kinteract platform will analyse patterns in student progress data and provide reports, which both students, parents and coaches can use to improve performance.

This remarkable feature, of evidencing learning, is not only for tracking progress, but also for communicating with stakeholders, like parents or other coaches, associations or partnership members. Sometimes, it’s handy to have clear, evidence-based reportage to show when you’re discussing growth, promise, or flagging issues.  

Multimedia uploads and extracurricular resources

Kinteract enables everyone to share files and resources in a secure, professional environment. Teachers are able to build and store online resource libraries to rival the greatest sports academies in the world! And, thanks to KinSport’s intuitive interface, they’re easy for players and athletes to access and use.

Independent learning is something which sports associations have often struggled with but, by providing students with collateral and resources via KinSport, it becomes a more fluid learning experience for all.

Collaboration with organisations

KinSport isn’t trying to take over sports education. KinSport exists to assist and enable sports associations. The platform is at its best when it’s used in tandem with schools, associations and/or organisations. Currently, we provide dedicated support to a number of professional clubs and associations, from football clubs to gymnastics, music academies and more. All of these organisations use our service to complement their current methods - not necessarily to replace them!

Adaptive and intuitive

KinSport’s platform is designed to be workflow-agnostic, intuitive, and responsive to hybrid or remote delivery models. What does that mean for the 'traditional' movers and shakers? Well, it means that students don’t have to worry too much about the tech side of things – as KinSport will monitor their progress, highlight their key achievements, developments and milestones, while they concentrate on their sportsmanship.

Intelligent suggestions

KinSport is more than just an interface, learning portfolio, or database! It’s got a machine-learning brain of its own.

Through data science and intelligent algorithms, KinSport is able to make curriculum and content suggestions to coaches and students, based on events or things during the time of year: training videos, course levels, student progress, and so on. Often, this throws up things that coaches and clubs perhaps haven’t considered, but can add valuable new resources to their day-to-day repertoire.

KinSport - enabling clubs to keep training whatever the weather

Of course, there’s no substitute for actually getting out there and playing the game. But KinSport works hard to get you pretty close. Through live lessons and recordings, KinSport can keep skill and fitness levels up at home, at school, on holiday, during lockdown, and beyond.

And as for the more academic side of sports - KinSport has that covered. From automated workflows, intelligent curriculum design, resource-sharing, enhanced communication, and meticulously-recorded student journeys – all of these make KinSport unbeatable for helping both students, players, coaches and sports organisations through the admin and academia of sports.

To learn more about how Kinteract can help your P.E department, sports association or extra-curricular club with KinSport, drop us a message or book a demo today.